Data extraction

The very first step in running PostWRF is modifying namelist.wrf:

vi namelist.wrf

Time-series of the WRF variables

The first section in namelist.wrf corresponds to the data extraction:

==================== DATA EXTRACTION =======================
Extract_On-Off                             = 1
WRF_variable_name                   = pvo
Location_names                           = Berlin, London
Location_latitudes                       = 52.52, 51.51
Location_longitudes                     = 13.40, 00.10

+Vertical_profile_plot_on_off     = 0
+Vprofile_X_axis_decimals         = 3

After modifying namelist.wrf, run the software by:

During the run process, the method of data extraction (interpolation) will be inquired. Three interpolation methods are available:
  1. Nearest point
  2. Bilinear
  3. IDW
The Output as an ascii file will be saved in a folder with a name similar to the name of the selected WRF file:

Plotting vertical profiles

If +Vertical_profile_plot_on_off is set to 1, the vertical profiles of the locations (Berlin and London) will be plotted:

map to buried treasure

Vertical profiles of the potential vorticity over two locations of London and Berlin