Conversion to GeoTIFFΒΆ

PostWRF provides conversion of a desired variable (polynomial of variables) of WRF output to GeoTIFF format.

For running this capability of PostWRF,it is necessary to have the gdal tool installed:

sudo dnf install gdal

The section corresponding to the GeoTIFF conversion in namelist.wrf must be enabled:

============== CONVERT TO GEOTIFF ================
Geotiff_ON_OFF                             = 1
Variable_name_to_Geotiff               = rh
Geotiff_pressure_level                     = 700

After running, the converted tif files will be saved in a folder with a name similar to the name of the file selected

The generated GeoTIFF files could be processed and visualized by a GIS software:

map to buried treasure

Relative humidity from WRF output at 700hpa, converted to GeoTIFF by PostWRF and visualized by the QGIS software